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Natural organic fabrics from certified supplier

Pre-Order system to avoid overproduction and textile waste

Design in Germany (local seamstresses) & Italy (family-run production facility)

No use of plastic in the entire transportation, storage and shipping process

Timeless design and neutral colors of elegant high-quality pieces that last

Capsule Wardrobe collections that can easily be combined


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British Vogue, April Issue 2021

“Miryam_thelabel is the luxe, sustainable label for young women to be wearing. Loved by celebrities and top influencers alike, the brand has become synonymous with neutral colour palettes, minimal cuts and fresh modern style. Inspired by nature Miryam_thelabel sets the standard for a slow, sustainable and ethical fashion industry.“

British Vogue, May Issue 2021

MIRYAM is the newcomer slow fashion label for sustainable babes. Lost in love for the ocean, all items are responsibly sourced, ethically made and sustainably packaged. Focusing on effortless style and timeless design for any - body: simple, chic and cosy. Girls feel endlessly enough and loved wearing MIRYAM from daytime to night out. Where basics arent basic.

British Vogue, June Issue 2021

MIRYAM offers luxurious wardrobe staples for the modern woman. These simple and effortless collections consist of sustainably made items that enhance natural beauty. Always adhering to their values of ethical manufacturing with integrity and intention, this brand believes clothing made in harmony with nature is the real life of luxury. An everyday uniform, which embraces slowing down, buying less and loving more. 

"You really didn't promise too much. MIRYAM things are really beautiful and even my wonderful, sceptical husband is delighted. Without my telling him the concept, he said it is both casual and chic."

verified customer

"MIRYAM has become my favorite label and I'm really looking forward to everything that is to come. Every part that I have already purchased is beautiful and I am diligent in recommending it. Your style is unique, chic, fair and so beautifully minimalist and there is so much love and passion in it, you can clearly see that. The personal customer service is also super great. With or without a discount, I would always buy again!"

verified customer