How to wear white this summer

Wearing white can be a little bit daunting- will it be see-through, will it look too clean, will it look too simple? We know all of these concerns but we created a little guide that will hopefully convince you that white can look really stunning and chic instead of plain and boring!

All white & short and sweet

This combination is a summer must-have! An all white look will keep you cool on hot days and it is really en vogue right now!
Combine white shorts with a simple white t-shirt or a blouse and sneakers or sandals for a casual look or accessorize it with statement jewelry, big sunglasses and a nice bag to elevate your outfit.

White & crème

It might seem weird but combining white and crème can actually look really great. 
We suggest wearing one color as the dominant one and accessorizing with the other one. So you could either wear a crème base and accentuate the outfit with a white piece or the other way round.

Crème is the dominant color in Franziska's outfit because of the blazer and the Seafoam Top

Simple white Tee

A white t-shirt is an absolute must-have for any Capsule Wardrobe. Combine it with long black pants and sneakers to achieve a casual look or style it with a flowing skirt, heeled sandals and a small statement bag if you like it more elegant. If it gets really hot outside, you can easily pair it with black shorts and accessorize it with a pair of big sunglasses. Combining our high cut tanktop with a pair of 90s denim shorts and white sneakers looks especially cool and casual.

White bottoms

You can easily reverse the previous combination by pairing white shorts or pants with a black top. It will still look simple and chic but a little more interesting than the other way round. We also love a splash of color, especially during summer, so we recommend pairing white shorts or pants with a pastel top like our Mojito Cardi

White Dresses

Styling white dresses can also be a bit tricky because you need to find the sweet spot where it looks elegant but not too bridal. During the day we recommend adding small accessories that compliment the dress. Think camel sandals and a belt or add some pastel-colored elements. As far as bags go, a basket bag is always a good choice. If you're after a more casual look, try combining your white dress with a denim or a (vegan) leather jacket and boots. For a night out, add red lipstick, (crystal) heels and a small statement bag to achieve an extravagant look.

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