One Shirt, Three Different Looks

We’ll show you how to create three completely different looks with the same basic top.

1. Business Chic

Whether at university, in the office or at an important meeting: Choosing the right combination, the basic tee becomes a confident business look.

High waist suit pants are the perfect fellow for the shirt. Add a matching oversized blazer and the simple but convincing office look is perfectly done.

Style Inspiration via Instagram & Pinterest / Pinterest / Pinterest


 The Tee in white

2. All Day, Every Day

Getting out of work and heading straight to dinner with your best friends? No problem at all with this look.

With the flowing href="" target="_blank" title="French Skirt" rel="noopener noreferrer">French Skirt and classic white sneakers, The Tee is the perfect companion for days when anything is possible. Just don’t forget to bring (high) mules and golden accessoires for a quick outfit upgrate and you are ready for the night!

 The Tee and the French Skirt making the perfect match

Style Inspiration via @filippahagg


Style Inspiration via @rosiehw

3. Vacay Vibes

Wearing the Tee in golden-yellow or white makes you shine as bright as the sun and radiate that absolute vacation feeling. In combination with loose-fitting pants such as the French Pants or the Summer Breeze Pants, the comfy and easy look is ideal for long walks on the beach followed by dinner by the sea.

And if the beach isn't nearby: This look brings all the beach vibes straight to your home as well!

by Anni

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