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For our latest collaboration with Revi Studios, we were looking for sustainable but luxurious fabrics that would make you shine. Having made very good experiences with Organic Peace Silk and Banana Fibers, we decided to give them another go so that you can choose between a white silky dream and golden goddess glow. In this blogpost, we want to give you more details about these fabrics and show you what makes them so special.

Organic Peace Silk

A nice silk dress is probably one of the most luxurious and confidence-boosting garments. But looking into the production of silk, you will quickly realise that this process is a lot less glamorous than it might appear.

Regular Silk is obtained from the cocoon of the silkworm which serves as protection during its transformation into a moth. This process is cut short by boiling the silkworms in their cocoons in order to avoid them destroying the cocoons while hatching. The silkworms are then thrown away and the silk thread can be processed. Needless to say that this entire process is a very harmful one that is not at all in harmony with nature.

Luckily, there is another method that respects the natural lifecycle of a silkworm and results in a beautiful fabric called "Peace Silk" or "Ahimsa Silk". The Sanskrit word "Ahimsa" means "non-violence".
Producing silk under Ahimsa-principles allows the silkworm to fully develop into a moth and leave its cocoon. Usually, the cocoon is carefully cut as soon as the moths are fully developed in order to help them break free and avoid unnecessary damages to the cocoon. The entire process takes a lot longer than regular silk production and unique technology is needed to mend the small holes that result from hatching. That is why Peace Silk is a lot more expensive and finding Peace-Silk-suppliers can be difficult.

For us here at MIRYAM, working with regular silk has never been an option. We are convinced that wearing clothes that have been produced in a cruelty-free and sustainable manner will not only make you look stunning but also make you feel good about your choices and contribution to a more environmentally-friendly world. 

Banana Fibers

Banana fibers are derived from the pseudostem which is the part that looks like the trunk but is actually formed by overlapping leaf sheaths. Every pseudostem bears fruit only once and since the fibers are processed after harvesting, they are made entirely from agricultural waste.

The fibers are separated from the stem, dried and tied together in a specific process. Afterwards, they are woven into a cellulose fiber which results in a soft and shiny thread which we use as an alternative to regular silk.

One advantage of banana fibers is their resource efficiency- the fibers are obtained from a cheap, renewable and widely available raw material. Since it is a by-product, its cultivation does not require any additional water or land. In addition, the untreated fiber is completely biodegradable.  


We are so happy and proud that we found two organic shimmering fabrics that will make you sparkle!

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