Why is Fair Fashion that expensive?

When we buy clothes, the price of a garment plays a big role and heavily influences our purchase decision. But why is Fair Fashion more expensive? And is Fast Fashion really more affordable or might it actually be the opposite?


Sourcing organic fabrics can be quite the challenge, especially because we are very picky and always keep searching until we find the softest and most beautiful materials.

The high prices of organic fabrics result from the fact that the standards are higher and that they are not produced on an industrial scale which means that the supply is limited, making them more expensive.

Being a small label makes sourcing fabrics more complicated, because we can't produce fabrics for our own label that easily, and we are therefore dependent on our suppliers. Further, we can only afford smaller quantities than bigger labels, which are also higher in price. These aspects also concern materials, packaging and production in general. 


Materials include labels, threads, buttons etc.

Since the sustainable versions are -just like the organic fabrics- more rare and more complex to produce than the ones made from polyester, nylon or similar common fibers, they are also higher in price. 


We, as a fair and ethical label, always make sure to pay our employees fair salaries while Fast Fashion companies usually exploit garment-workers and only pay minimum wages which are far too low to make a decent living. 

Color Palettes

You may have noticed we are very much into nude and basic colors! That´s partly due to being a sustainable label, because our fibers are naturally dyed and we want our pieces to be timelessly chic and appropriate for many occasions, so you can wear them for a long time. We aren´t fans of seasonal colors, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with fair fashion!

Simple cuts

We are sticking to simple cuts with special details to make it easy for you to style your pieces up and down and wear them from office to bar. That means that you save money because you buy only one piece instead of two or three. You will recognize that focusing on high quality and fair fashion basics will be worth it because it will make you save money in the long run. 

Is Fast Fashion more expensive?

It probably doesn't feel that way when you go to a Fast Fashion store and buy several items for little money but Fair Fashion is actually cheaper in the long run.


To explain this, let's have a look at the Cost Per Wear method. The concept of CPW determines the price an item of clothing costs divided by the number of times you wear it.

To illustrate this, we created the following graphic:

Have a look at the following example:



And each time you wear your Fair Fashion blouse, it becomes cheaper.
To wear the Fast Fashion Blouse for the same number of times (52) you would have to buy 5.2 blouses.
If one blouse costs 49.99€, you would spend a total of 259.48€!

If we transfer this example to the graphic above, it looks like this (for reasons of clarity we assume that you wear the Fast Fashion item only 5 times and the Fair Fashion item 20 times).

So next time you shop, remember that fair fashion can be a lot more affordable in the long run! 


If you want to know more about our prices, have a look at our price transparency page!


"Cheap clothes aren't cheap. Someone always has to pay for them. And that someone is a worker."

- Kalpona Akter







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